How to Write an Analytical Essay: 12 Steps

Writing an analytical argument does not only help college and university students get higher grades; it also prepares them for the future as they gain useful skills to face a different situations, especially in a working environment. We often analyze different elements every day of our lives. That is why learning to write analytical papers is one of the significant assignments in higher learning institutes.

As an analytical essay writer, this article will give you a detailed guide on how you can approach an analytical essay writing assignment effectively.

Analytical essay definition

It is crucial to define analytical essay first before we highlight steps to follow when writing such a technical document. The following questions and answers will help simplify the definition of an analytical essay:

What does an analytical essay consist of?

Like any other essay or academic paper, an analytical essay can include a 5-paragraph essay including the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The key element is to understand the tutor’s guidelines or the institute’s requirements.

What are the 4 features of analytical writing?

For an analytical essay to stand out perfectly, it must have the following elements;

  • A clear structure
  • A thesis statement
  • Supporting evidence for each argument
  • It is not a summary

How do you start an analytical paragraph?

The introduction part of an analytical essay should be a hook, catching the reader’s attention to keep reading through the whole essay. The hook can be a question or a factual statement relating to the main topic.

Having the above ideas in mind, an analytical essay, therefore, means analyzing a given topic hen presenting a claim or an argument about a given concept.

How to write an analytical essay: 12 steps to make an analytical essay structure

Before you start writing your analytical essay, you must prepare first to ensure you include the right information in your documents to bring out a desirable paper according to the requirements and rules of writing an essay. The followings twelve steps will guide you throughout.

1. Know the objectives of analytical essay

Start by determining the argument or claim you intend to present in your essay. In most instances, you will be required to analyze a film or any other written document. Since this isn’t a summary, every claim you make should have supporting evidence.

2. Choose the topic

In some instances, you may get a topic from your teacher. In this case, you simply move to the next section. However, should you have to get your own topic, ensure to research and settle on a unique and researchable topic.

3. Brainstorm

Once you have a topic, you need to figure out how your paper will be and what you intend to present in the paper. As a result, consider brainstorming ideas first before creating a thesis statement.

4. Create an analytical essay thesis statement

An analytical essay thesis is a crucial statement as it gives your paper a clear direction. Besides, it briefs the reader on what your paper is all about and what to expect. Write this statement after brainstorming ideas to come up with a matching thesis according to the topic.

5. Create an outline

Avoid starting your final draft right away. The next element after you have a thesis is making an outline that will guide you on what to write in your final paper for submission.

6. Write the analytical essay introduction

The intro part should be catchy enough to hook the reader. You can state a factual statement or pose a rhetorical question.

7. Write the body paragraphs

Here, each paragraph should have a topic sentence that shows what the paragraph is all about.

8. Add supporting evidence

In your body paragraphs, ensure each point has strong and supporting evidence that backs up your claims and arguments.

9. Write the analytical essay conclusion

Now, sum up all the ideas you have discussed in your essay. As you write a conclusion, ensure you restate the thesis statement.

10. Proofreading

Check for possible errors and typos in your essay before you can submit the paper.

11. Check the analytical essay format

 Make sure your paper has followed all the guidelines required by the teacher in terms of font, size, margin, spacing options, and such elements.

12. Give someone else to read your paper

Finally, give your paper to another person to establish and correct any missed mistakes.


Writing an essay isn’t a hard task, as some perceive. It is all a matter of understanding the basics and following the right steps.