100+ Interesting Analytical Essay Topics and Ideas

As a student-focused on advancing careers, ensure you are equipped with adequate knowledge on writing an analytical essay. This essay is significant as it shows how students understand a certain topic and give their arguments. Above all, an analytical essay helps to sharpen the analytical skills of students when in a certain situation.

One element that defines your analytical essay is the topic you choose. Since you have to analyze, research, and give your arguments on an analytical topic, you must ensure you choose a topic you can relate to and create a desirable essay. However, before we look into analytical essay topics, let’s understand the whole concept of an analytical essay first.

What’s an analytical essay? Analytical essay meaning

Once tasked with a given essay, you must, first of all, understand the objectives of an essay and what the reader expects from you. For a better understanding, answering the question below will enhance the understanding of the analytical essay as a whole concept.

An analytical essay involves getting a topic about a given concept, evaluating it, and drawing your arguments and claims. Any claim you make must have supporting evidence to back up the claim or argument.

What are good topics for analytical essays?

The following are some of the topics for an analytical essay you can consider.

Good analytical essay topics

  1. Reasons why people gamble
  2. The role of education institutes in controlling bullying
  3. Analyze the personality of a person and their lifestyle
  4. How does mass media affect the behaviors of young people?
  5. Why schools should include sex education in the syllabus
  6. What is the relationship between living standards and higher education?
  7. How does social media affect the youth?
  8. Analyze Christianity and homosexuality
  9. The negative impact of modern technology
  10. Do an analysis of one scene from the Shakespeare play
  11. Video games and the health status of a person
  12. How do pillows made with low-quality materials cause neck pain?
  13. How does eating sugar affect blood quality?
  14. The impact of political conflicts on the society
  15. How does weather affect people’s moods?

Critical thinking topics

  1. Why giving up fast foods is hard
  2. Analyze why some animals outshine human beings by being kinder
  3. The negative impact of overpopulation
  4. Does a partner always make a person happy?
  5. Do you think food is a necessity?
  6. Marriage: Is there an age limit for women?
  7. High heels and beautiful and dangerous: Analyze
  8. Why people should be checked in metropolitan areas
  9. Are meetings necessary?
  10. Why people don’t bother about environmental improvement
  11. Analyze the impact of equality in relation to economics
  12. What is the effect of slavery in the US?

Topics for analytical reports

  1. Acne in teenagers
  2. Analyze why people feel hungry
  3. Graffiti: Why is it common in the streets? Give your opinions
  4. Evaluate why people lie sometimes.
  5. Reasons why animals have tails
  6. Analyze why older people love pets
  7. Is blood donation necessary?
  8. Why do children hate learning a foreign language
  9. Dessert life: Why is it difficult?
  10. Why do people have different skin complexions
  11. Why do some people prefer traditional medicine?
  12. How societal pressure contributes to mental health

Analytical report topics

  1. Why shopping online is easy than going to the mall
  2. Compare advertising through Facebook and Twitter. Which one is better?
  3. How business strategies impact the productivity of the company
  4. Is it okay for college students to get involved in advertising campaigns?
  5. Effective marketing tips for a starting business
  6. Can email subscriptions help marketers in their marketing campaigns?
  7. Do you think exempting some people from paying taxes is a perfect plan?
  8. Analyze what causes recession
  9. Books and movies analysis: Which one is best?
  10. Analyze why people develop criminal behaviors
  11. How did Europe influence American history?
  12. Analyze the impact of superstitions on the society

High school analytical report topics

  1. Should education be free? Pros and cons
  2. Drug Addiction: The reasons and solutions
  3. Is organ donation significant in the medical field?
  4. Bullying in schools: Reasons and how to handle the matter
  5. Why do sportsmen use drugs?
  6. Teenagers and peer pressure
  7. Does single parent-hood affect the child’s psychology?
  8. Analyze how multiculturalism impacts the society
  9. Do people develop addiction by force or by choice?
  10. Gender roles: Pros and cons
  11. Why is humor significant in cultures?
  12. Analyze why effective time management enhances a person’s productivity

College topics for analytical reports

  1. Scientific reasons behind insomnia
  2. College dropouts: Reasons and preventive measures
  3. What is the impact of gaming on young minds?
  4. What causes obesity among your individuals?
  5. Do an analysis of extroversion and introversion personalities
  6. Horror movies: Psychological effects on human beings
  7. Analyze balancing work and personal life
  8. What are the side effects of animal testing, and how to avoid it?
  9. Analyze the increasing rate of teen suicide
  10. Ways parents can handle rude children
  11. Obligations and rights of college students
  12. Parenting: Reasons and processes that enable children to run away from home

Interesting critical thinking topics

  1. Why do robots replace people’s profession
  2. The impact of nanotechnology on humanity
  3. Analyze and argue out your best movie
  4. Do you think human beings influence climate change?
  5. Why do companies spend money on advertisements?
  6. How to accept a problem and find a solution
  7. Analyze why some governments steal public money
  8. What makes some people change their gender?
  9. Do you think marketing enhances selling products?
  10. The significance of looking good
  11. TV shows: Why do people get addicted to such shows?
  12. Reasons for having children
  13. The impact of technology on the society
  14. Why criticism can offend some people

Best analytical essay topics

  1. The solutions to free rivers and oceans from wastes
  2. Why are dogs loyal?
  3. What causes personality disorder?
  4. Why tests and exams are significant in schools
  5. What are the roles of school authorities?
  6. Health insurance: Pros and cons
  7. The significance of controlling the medicine process
  8. Analyze developing healthy habits
  9. How do parents influence young generations?
  10. How to enhance motivation among the youths
  11. The significance of world history in learning
  12. What led to colonization in Africa?
  13. Analyze the causes of emotional burnout

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